1) Write your video title in the first line of your description 


What helped me a lot is that i put my title in the first line of the description and so i only had to adjust the taggs to the words in the title to get more range.


2) Find other rappers you can work with


It is important that you are seen on Youtube whether on your channel or on another spread your name like a virus.


3) use info cards 


I find info cards are one of the most important tools on youtube most people watch videos about their mobile phones by only watching a few percent of your description, so put on info cards to inform your viewers about your other tracks and playlists.


4) vlogs


Vlogs are a good way to build a fanbase the closer your listeners are to you the more connected they are to you show content about your projects or how you're writing lyrics in the studio etc keep your viewers up to date.


5) attract attention


Be a charackter and attract attention as already described in the 2nd email you have to stand out from the crowd who is boring doesn't just go under talent but also the performance counts.


6) shoot more music videos


More music videos means more entertainment do it like 2pac or the old rapper who used to only be noticed by their music videos mostly on mtv or viva nowadays the mobile phones are so good enough that you can already shoot a few lowbudget videos with them.


7) connect your social media channels


Create your own network and connect all your social media channels to keep your fans up to date.


8) don't take long breaks


Don't give your fans a chance to switch off bring new content every week at least 3 videos are obligatory constantly bring out new songs vlogs information be creative people must not forget you.


9) let yourself be inspired


Don't just listen to the old music of yesterday but be constantly on the lookout for new things i as a beat producer do that too are influences that sometimes lead you to completely different ideas and ways to keep your style but if you don't move a bit with the crowd you will stop.


10) you need a plan


I think the most important thing is that you plan everything for yourself and also for your fans it is most important if they know when what comes out there are a lot of them waiting then usually already on the days mentioned that your video or vlog appears that's like in sports if you run aimlessly through the studio no muscle grows so it is also with the music or any other business not only an album needs a planned process but also your business so ask yourself where you stand with your music in 5 years?


stay yourself and become a brand


Of course i have described that you have to make a character out of yourself but people notice quickly when you pretend on the internet you are yourself and create a fanbase connect yourself with as many people as possible and plan your goals and focus on it there are many haters out there but they don't matter don't listen to them listen to your heart and the wasx you want to do we live once in this body so don't let anyone stop you pull your business through and have fun stand out with things that make up your charackter show personality and constantly bring content and people will never forget you 

i hope these few tips could help you a little bit on youtube and position you a little bit more on the internet and get ahead.  

Good luck and have Fun 🔥