The Right Mindset



Hello my name is Rene Blume (Shawn West Beats) and I’m a music producer over 12 Years from Germany. 
I like to produce epic and melodic hihop beats,
but i also like to produce trapbeats or all other genres. 

I want to show you my attitude to life.

Your mindset is the most important thing. It is not only part of the business itself, but also part of your life, because only those who think about their future and make a plan for the next 5-10 years will make progress. 
Don't think too small, but rather try to reach your goals bit by bit. Think in a staircase system, step by step, mountain by mountain and always work on your personality. This will help your business enormously, because you will need a lot of patience and discipline to become independent with music or to achieve a passive income. 


It is comparable to sports. If you’re doing sports, your muscles will only grow if 80% you eat the right food and 20% do sports without skipping anything. That's the way it is with everything in life. This way, you’ll not only develop yourself, but you will also get a completely different level of thinking. 


That, of course, doesn't mean that you have to do sports to do MAKE MUSIC, but you can compare it to that, because your biceps also will only grow through hard work, discipline and planning. What has helped me personally are books and videos about personality development and books about getting rich and saving money, because it has many parallels. 

What I want to say is that you’ll have to work a lot on your own personality to get something big going. 
There will always be days when you just want to close your eyes and wait for the next day, but always remember: There are only bad hours, not bad days! Whenever you’re just waiting for the next day, it is a lost day of your lifetime. Use every second in your life and enjoy it, because a positive attitude towards life makes many things easier for you. For example if you’re waiting for the bus, because it is delayed, enjoy the sun instead of complaining about the delay.


Enjoy the present and don't linger in the past. Don't be afraid, because fear is only real, if, for instance, a bear is chasing you. Get out of your comfort zone and see your life as an adventure. You are the star of your life. 
Don't let negative thoughts or people stop you and never let them tell you that your dreams and wishes cannot be achieved. Believe that everything is possible and get to know yourself. 


Learn to grow and you will see that life is really beautiful. Don't watch so much TV, but educate yourself in areas that interest you and advance your business, such as SEO, tagging, how to be better in Rap or Sing, how can i do better videos, or can i mixdown myself? etc. Always be eager for knowledge and never give up. 

You are not alone with your dreams, there are so many people out there who want exactly the same as you. If someone says you can't do something, go and prove yourself that they are wrong. You don't have to prove anything to anyone but yourself. Unfortunately, there are many envious and nasty people in our world who want to talk down all your dreams and goals. Stay away from such “hamster wheel people”. 

They just want to work, complain every day about their job and their desolate lives and watch TV while waiting to get their pension. Would you like to be like that? Do you only want to look forward to the weekend every week? Don't you want to fulfil yourself and make yourself happy? Build your own infrastructure and just do what you like? 

There are no limits, so go ahead and build something for yourself, even if your passion is not be an Artist and you want to be something else like a fashion designer or a manager. 

See everything in your life as an opportunity and another challenge and don't be afraid because fear is just a kind of self-protection. Fight this illusion. Even if you don't become a Gold Major Deal, you can still earn money with your talent. Don't give up, because that's what makes you different from the others. 

I've seen many friends, colleagues and even really good talents giving up very quickly because they simply didn’t have patience, which is also one of the most important things. HAVE PATIENCE WITH YOURSELF, PATIENCE WITH OTHERS, PATIENCE IN BUSINESS AND PATIENCE WITH YOUR GOALS.

If you have patience and keep on doing what you love, no matter if bad or good times are coming up, you will always, really always, get successful. Knowledge is power; I had to learn that, too. And knowledge is also more valuable than money, because only through knowledge you will always get money and happiness. After finishing school many people forget that and don’t bother educating themselves further. But if you realize that and decide for yourself what is important to you for your life, then you at least have a controlled plan and don't just accept things in your life as they are. Rather, you evolve with them and determine the direction by yourself. So go ahead and be the best version of yourself every day.

I wish you all the best



                                                                    Rene Blume (Shawn West Beats)